At AUIM, we strive to outperform over the long-term in our portfolios. To accomplish this, we apply the following key success factors:

  • We have a long-term perspective and consistently focus on delivering competitive risk-adjusted returns over complete economic cycles.
  • We balance top-down macroeconomic analysis with proprietary traditional and non-traditional bottom-up research.
  • We recognize the asymmetrical nature of risk and the importance of strong risk management.

AUIM has a strong culture of prudent responsibility within our investment framework. Adhering to this culture, we apply a disciplined combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis. 

We consider fundamentals, sentiment and positioning, technicals, and valuation in each step of our investment process. The process begins with top-down macroeconomic analysis where understanding macroeconomic trends and the business cycle are paramount. We seek a thorough understanding of the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on capital markets, as well as the asset allocation decision. From this we establish views relative to market expectations, and build top-down themes which our Portfolio Managers incorporate in the construction process. This analysis overlays our bottom-up, research-centric approach; Focus is given to specific industries, securities, and sectors across the fixed income spectrum. We probe for opportunities and inefficiencies where we are able to enhance the risk reward profile of our investment decisions.

Our open-architecture framework makes bringing it all together a collaborative effort.  Throughout the portfolio construction process our Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts focus on relative value, balancing risk and reward to achieve the most compelling total return opportunities. This process is maintained and supported by continuous reassessment as we seek to add value at all stages of the business cycle.

In support of our commitment to fiduciary responsibility, AUIM fosters a strong top-down culture of risk management and corporate compliance. Our risk management program includes three distinct risk management sleeves to ensure we make prudent investment decisions for our clients.

We execute our strategy with prudent responsibility, and leverage our open-architecture framework to add the most value for our clients.

Aegon USA Investment Management, LLC, (AUIM) is a U.S.-based investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member company of Aegon Asset Management, the global investment management division of the Aegon Group.