High Yield & Bank Loans

Aegon AM manages high yield and bank loan strategies with a time-tested investment approach. 

For over two decades, we’ve managed leveraged finance strategies through various market environments using a disciplined process coupled with a risk-focused mindset and opportunistic management style. 

Supported by our seasoned Credit and Distressed Research teams, we form high-conviction ideas as we navigate market inflection points. Over the years, the firm has introduced several US and global high yield strategies designed to provide a variety of outcomes.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Our research team structure, long-term investment focus, and risk-focused process help differentiate our high yield and bank loan strategies:

Global, differentiated research capabilities

The Credit Research team's cross-coverage structure, allows an analyst to focus on a credit across the quality spectrum, which can provide opportunities when credits move between investment grade and high yield.  A specialized Distressed Debt Research team helps mitigate risk and uncover attractive opportunities.

High-conviction, business cycle-based approach

Portfolio managers combine bottom-up and top-down insights to form high-conviction ideas and anticipate market cycle changes in an effort to capitalize on market dislocations.

Risk-focused mindset, risk-adjusted results

Using a disciplined and risk-focused approach, portfolio managers actively navigate market dislocations in pursuit of competitive risk-adjusted returns.